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Hello all our friends around the world and welcome to MESE.FI forum (the more relaxed choice)!

As it happens our registration form is obviously in Finnish language which is very much different from almost every other language in the world and there are no online-translator sites at least that I know of to translate Finnish to English. So here are the detailed 1-2-3 instructions to register to the forum.

You can find the registration form at:


Do not worry about the text written in Finnish with CAPSLOCK ON :)
(That is for Finnish teenagers)

Starting from the top of registration page

Käyttäjätunnus = your username that you wish to use here

sähköpostiosoite = your e-mail address (you need a working e-mail to register, a confirmation message will be sent to that address and it needs to be answered in order to register your account)

Salasana = password

Vahvista salasana = type your password again (this is to remove the possibility of typing error with your password)

Vahvistuskoodi = type the characters from the box which is straight above
(this is anti-spambot feature)

Vastauksesi = this is also a special anti-spambot question, type the number five to the box (use number, do not type "five")

(Yes, we had problems with spambots, luckily those are now past but also it means more work for real persons with their registration.)

All the above fields are compulsory.

Next information is optional so you can leave the text fields blank if you wish

ICQ = ICQ (if you are geek you know what this is, if you don't have a clue don't worry about it, you can leave the text field blank)


MSN MEssenger = well...

Yahoo = ...

Skype = Skype

Paikkakunta = Where you live (eg. Mexico City, Mexico)

Ammatti = Your profession (eg. Car mechanic)

Harrastukset = Your hobbies

Next are choices from the forum setup. You can leave them mostly as they are.

Change the "Sivuston kieli" to English though.

Aikavyöhyke = your time zone.

Then press the "Lähetä" buttong

You should get the following message:

"Käyttäjätunnuksesi on luotu. Tämä sivusto vaatii kuitenkin tunnuksen aktivoinnin, aktivointiavain on lähetetty sähköpostiosoitteeseen jonka annoit. Tarkista sähköpostistasi lisäohjeet.

Klikkaa tästä palataksesi pääsivulle."

This means that you have succesfully filled the registration form.

Now you need to check your e-mail account. There should be a message from sender "" and topic "Welcome to Forums"

This e-mail is in English and you have to click on the link to activate your user account.

When you are at the forum main page you can log in at the bottom of page:

Käyttäjätunnus = user name
Salasana = password

Check the box "Kirjaa minut sisään automaattisesti" if you wish to have automatic log-in.

Otherwise click the "Kirjaudu sisään" button to log in.

For help on the phpBB forum usage click the text link "FAQ" at the top of page. The information is in English.

Other links at the top of the page:

"Etusivu" = this will get you to the portal, which is 100% Finnish.

IRC = this will get you to java-applet which will allow you to join channel at ircnet. It's a geek thing... :)

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions (help in Forum usage in English)

Mekka = This will lead you to which is a wiki-based information center about mercedes models and service etc... Of course in Finnish :)

Uudet = View posts since last visit

Profile = here you can change the settings of your profile. Once again there is lots of words in Finnish WRITTEN WITH CAPS ON but don't worry. At the bottom you can load an avatar-picture from your computer. Max size is 150 x 150 pixels and 20kB.

Note: You need 10 messages before you can use a signature with your profile.

If you have any additional questions or problems with registration or forum use please e-mail to yllapito (a) so we can work it out and update this message to make things easier for you who didn't have the privilege to be born in Finland ;)

Also some rules:

Technical stuff at "Technical discussion" section.

All other at "Off topic" section. No bomb-building instructions, politics, religious or other potentially inflammable discussions, please :)

Otherwise, have fun!

We are very relaxed forum but it has also to do with the trust relationship between administrators and users (the users usually know what is appropriate and what is not).

In Finnish language we have our own sections for gardening, household, small equipment with engines (lawnmowers, chainsaws etc...) and so on. So it is OK to talk about non-Mercedes related things also.

Well, I think this is enough for now. As I said earlier do not hesitate to contact the administration with email if there is any problems :arrow: yllapito (a)

Thanks and welcome



Part of the administrator team (You know us from the title "Ylläpitäjä" above our avatar-pictures)

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